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Keser1 is a multidisciplinary artist and art curator for the Flowerbed Gallery project from Kyiv, Ukraine.


I began my journey as a graffiti artist, and primarily, my creativity drew inspiration from hip-hop, street culture, interactions with fellow vandals and artists on the edge of law, as well as a desire for self-expression instilled in me by my mother through classical literature and piano lessons at music school. While being heavily influenced by hip-hop and music in general, and having a heavy graffiti background, my works are mainly and extremely textual. I strive to create a fundament on which my thoughts and ideas will stand in shale of sentences, words and descriptions.


In my art practice, I try to combine the incompatible, experiment with materials, and create drawings that are filled with the quintessence of nostalgic feelings from the times of painting on walls, popular culture, and philosophical principles that guide me in life, as well as a tribute to the endless love for letters that has accompanied me throughout my life.”


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